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Durable SSD/HDD servers build for speed, reliability, and performance.

High Performance SSD | Administrative Control | High Scalability

A dedicated server is a stand-alone computer that is dedicated to a single server tenant, meaning the server’s resources are used exclusively for a specific task such as hosting a resource-intensive application or website.

Higher uptime percentage is guaranteed by the measures instituted by the service provider such as better redundancy arrangements for its power and bandwidth plus qualified staff to ensure a cent percent uptime guarantee. The dedicated hosting server renders top-caliber and more robust performance. Using a dedicated server enhances the unprecedented growth of the website by preventing the server from getting congested, slowed down, or swamped with requests from other websites.

The three E’s of Dedicated Server hosting


Our dedicated server’s disk space, RAM, bandwidth, and other resources belong to you. Exclusive use of the hardware and bandwidth also ensures peak performance. You can add your software and configure settings and access the server logs. Root access is the critical advantage of dedicated server hosting. Flexibility, scalability, responsiveness are the added benefits of a dedicated server hosting..


A dedicated server hosting lets you decide your server configuration. It allows you to add or modify existing services and applications as per the size of your business. Enhanced flexibility and elasticity are useful when new opportunities emerge or unexpected markets unfold. It can be customized as per the needs of the business. The platform allows more processing, storage, or backup.

Enhanced Security

Exclusive access and data separation enhance security. Server infrastructure includes firewalls, and security monitoring provides excellent protection against malware, hacks, and DDoS attacks. You can also execute your primary levels of security. Installing access control and layers of security to run on the server adds a level of protection to your customer and companies handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.

Why choose our dedicated
Server Hosting?

Root Access

Get complete authority over your Server

Premium Bandwidth

Metal Servers with 1Gbps Port speed.

WHM Control Panel

Control over your server, accounts and services with inbuild quick installation features.

Highly Scalable

A highly scalable technical platform with easy migration, upgradation and interconnectivity of servers across DC’s


Highly resilient network and secure environment provide 24×7 availability with 99.99% uptime guaranteed

Redundant Network

Premium Network with multiple security layers and zero failure

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Serving in 20+ Countries